Programming at Home

Programming at Home
Glory by Cleon Peterson, 2014.

Skip the foken intros.

The only way I can program at home nowadays is me wearing nice clothes instead of sitting in my underwear (I legit wear a jacket, yeahkillmepls) while drinking both coffee and redbull at the same time.

Otherwise I just can’t, I don’t want to, I don’t have enough energy, I don’t have enough attention.

After a full day of dealing with software engineering bullshit at work why would anyone even want to continue doing it at home?


Well, I used to think I can do it, well, I clearly can't anymore (for about two years now actually).

Times gone when it was a question of "how do I do make the foken thing", I know what to write (most of the time), exact fucking symbols. I just, I just can't.

How far we've fallen… Sigh.